Friday, April 19, 2013

Paolo Antonio Barbieri - The Spice Shop, 1637

"The Spice Shop" by Paolo Antonio Barbieri
Oil on canvas

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Visit the Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto, Italy to see the painting up close. 

**Tonight, I think we deserve to look at something beautiful after the bombing in Boston, and the factory explosion earlier this week.

Friday, April 5, 2013


And they are marrying­...

It seems the limp, narrative poetry I penned in earnest all those years is slowly breathing life into my fragmented prose, flying it like bright, birthstone kites, waving it like a valliant flag, making fast soldiers of what for eons lay dead and charred on the railway.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pondering Life Choices Through Dessert

A few weeks ago, I had a fabulous trip to San Antonio, Texas, which Mark Twain declared one of the four unique cities in the United States. Since I've lived in the first two cities and within a two-hour's drive of the third, I think a move to San Antonio is on the table.

It offers the chance to live in a more affordable southern city near both my mother and another key person in my life. But until I make the physical move (I've got another year of grad school), I will ponder how the River City provoked me through food. For now, here are the pictures.

I purchased the small cinnamon roll from Los Cocos Bakery and ate it right away. It was delicious and is definitely meant for one. As it write this, I observe how nicely it fits on the small dish with the black and white leaf design. 

This next dessert amazed me. A classmate had told me about the cinnamon rolls from Lulu's Bakery and Cafe but I was astounded when I finally saw one. It weighs three pounds and is wider than most infants! I was only in San Antonio for a few days, so I couldn't bring myself to dig into it. It needs to be shared with several people so I've frozen it. I like the way it looks wrapped up for later. 

I've decided that appropriate names for these desserts are the Western Cinnamon Roll and the Southern Cinnamon Roll. They look good together, I think.  


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