Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big Easy Food Voodoo For Superbowl Losers (and Winners)

Whether you're cheering for San Francisco or Baltimore, you'll be hungry after the game. The French Quarter will be mobbed. In fact, most of New Orleans will be inundated with out-of-towners. Don't take your pity party to the rooftop ledge. Don't just eat beignets! If you can catch the streetcar or hail a cab, here are a few dining options, in no particular oder.

8324 Oak St.
(504) 861-0886

La Crepe Nanou
1410 Robert St.
(504) 899-2670

Dante's Kitchen
736 Dante St.
(504) 861-3121

Le Bon Temps Rouler
(bar and sandwich shop)
4801 Magazine St. 

(504) 895-8117

3800 Canal St.
(504) 482-9179

Maple Street Cafe
7623 Maple St 
(504) 314-9003
823 Decatur St.

There's a reason I've given you a list of seven. If you wind up at Tujague's, you'll be at the second oldest restaurant in the city, and not far from the Voodoo Museum, which isn't open at night. (In the morning–sorry to say–they still won't feature quarterback voodoo dolls. You might try online). 

I hope you have some good (or better) luck at dinner. After all, what is the Big Easy–my hometown–but a city where you'll forget to care...where any day of the year you can eat your way back to happiness.

Call restaurant for availability.


  1. For sure! Tomorrow for lunch!

    Remember when a drunk driver plowed into the shop? Domilise's doesn't skip a beat.


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