Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don't Be a Breakfast Fascist

There's so much conflicting advice about what we're supposed to eat, how much and when. If you've ever paid attention to the often-changing food pyramid, you know what I mean. And then, there's the confusion over whether snacks are good or bad. It is three square meals or five petite ones? Honestly, I dropped ten pounds when I was on a two-meal-a-day plan while traveling in Europe. I ate hearty lunches or dinners with a creme fraiche and berry dessert. Breakfast, which I ate religiously, was all about Meuslix and fruit.

However, as this Alternet article suggests, a morning meal might not be as necessary as your gym rat cousin has told you all these years. Suddenly, I feel relieved. I don't know whether I was bored with cereal and oatmeal or too lazy to make eggs, but it's rare that I eat a 'proper' breakfast when I don't go to a restaurant for it.

When I am hungry in the morning, I often find myself reaching for apples or other fruit. It's something I remember from the Skinny Bitches who, I might add, are militant vegans. They'd hate to know that I'm breaking most of their rules. Unlike the USDA, the Skinny Bitches' guidelines never change:

Don't eat bananas. Eat fruit by itself. Don't drink coffee. It's dehydrating. Don't drink cow's milk. And on and on...

I'm sure they'd have given me a "C" for yesterday's breakfast effort. I inhaled a peanut butter granola bar and didn't drink any water. But, I took my coffee black! If they think I can do any better on Saturday mornings before work, then they're smoking some sort of green tea infused deluding burrito with vegan cheese on top.

I love the Skinny Bitches–specifically their food politics–but the best I can changes from day to day. There's only so much breakfast boot camp I can endure before I finally buy a doughnut, and go for a hike.


  1. I laughed out loud at this one, snorting and sputtering a bit. Thanks for that!

  2. So glad I could make you laugh. It keeps me going!


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